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Newprotein.net - Helping Manufacturers Source Novel Protein Ingredients for Their Brands

With the global market for plant-based food growing at an unprecedented rate and edible insect protein moving one step closer to being approved for human consumption, it can be difficult for product development teams to keep up to date with the latest ingredients available.

newprotein.net is an online resource for food processors, completely focused on delivering information for NPD (New Product Development) teams so they can quickly and easily research potential ingredients and directly connect to suppliers.

Featuring the latest product updates from manufacturers within the new protein space and a searchable database of suppliers, make sure your novel processed foods and beverages include the best possible ingredients to achieve organoleptic perfection.

Whether you're working to make insect-based proteins more acceptable or improving the flavour of plant-based milk substitutes, you’ll find everything you need on newprotein.net.

If you're working in the novel protein sector, our weekly newsletter delivers what's new in the novel or alternative protein ingredients marketplace.

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Date Published: 18th February 2021

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