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31st January 2023  Content supplied by: Givaudan

Primelock+™ by Givaudian Ensures Meaty Juiciness for Plant-Based Substitutes

Givaudan has launched PrimeLock+™, a patent-pending solution that mimics animal fat cells in plant-based meat substitutes, such as burgers, sausages and meatballs. 

PrimeLock+™ protects the flavour by encapsulating fat and releasing it gradually during cooking and consumption, providing an eating experience on par with real meat.

The interaction between flavour, taste and texture is a key differentiator for plant-based products. Consumers love the comforting and warm sensation of biting into a burger; they savour and anticipate that first juicy, beefy bite. 

Maintaining the same level of juiciness in meat analogues, however, can be challenging. Even when plant-based fats are added to the recipe, most of them are released during cooking causing a drier mouthfeel. 

Sylvain Jouet, Global Product Manager for meat substitutes of Givaudan, explained the four main benefits of PrimeLock+™: 

  • It improves visual appeal with a marbled, fat-like appearance
  • It improves stability during shelf life by separating flavours from proteins
  • It allows a reduction of up to 75% of the fat and 30% of the calories
  • It’s natural and vegan-friendly

Jouet continued: “Givaudan is committed to helping its customers create delicious plant-based products that consumers enjoy. PrimeLock+™ is part of the Integrated Technology portfolio, which we constantly strive to expand, and is complemented by our growing network of protein centres around the world.” 

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Date Published: 31st January 2023

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