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28th March 2022  Content supplied by: Glanbia Nutritionals

New Milk and Whey Protein Solutions for Extruded Snacks, Cereals and Inclusions

Glanbia Nutritionals has introduced groundbreaking new protein solutions designed to solve many of the manufacturing and sensory challenges that plague protein extrusion within the snack and cereal categories.

From clogging of the extruder to producing cereals or snacks with a dense and chalky texture, flavor off-notes and a less desirable chew down, proteins used in extrusion have typically been lacking in innovation. Glanbia’s new BarPro 100/120 MPCs and BarFlex 100 WPC were designed and optimized to deliver a less chalky, powdery and glassy texture during extrusion than other protein products, resulting in a range of exceptional textures.

BarPro 100/120 and BarFlex 100 proteins deliver:
  • Starch-like textures without inclusion of high quantities of starch
  • High levels of protein
  • Clean flavor requiring no masking
  • Improved manufacturing efficiencies


By using BarPro 100/120 MPCs and BarFlex 100 WPC, Glanbia has developed semi-finished extruded pieces — Crunchie™ extruded bites and crisps. Crunchie milk and whey protein crisps are ideal for bar and snack inclusions. Crunchie milk protein bites are ideal for use as a snack or cereal.

Crunchie extruded bites and crisps deliver:
  • Exceptional starch-like textures without inclusion of high quantities of starch
  • Clean flavor requiring no masking
  • An enjoyable crunch
  • Visual appeal with consistent shape, size and light color
  • High levels of protein
    • >74% from Crunchie milk protein crisps and bites
    • >70% from Crunchie whey protein crisps


Glanbia Nutritionals has leveraged its decades of protein and bar formulation expertise into the research and development of proteins for extrusion and semi-finished extruded pieces. “Through our understanding of the intricacies involved in protein chemistry, along with its unique processing parameters, we were able to develop a range of proteins optimized to allow for better expansion within the extrusion process,” said Ashley Bacchiarello, director of product strategic management. This—along with Glanbia’s September 2021 acquisition of PacMoore Process Technologies, a contract food ingredient manufacturer—brings the company new and extensive capabilities in extrusion manufacturing. Additional offerings in extruded shapes, sizes and extrudable plant-based proteins are in development.

Glanbia Nutritionals’ comprehensive protein portfolio includes a wide range of dairy-based, plant-based and functional proteins that can enhance the texture, taste and nutrition of a variety of product formats.

To learn more about milk and whey protein solutions designed for extruded products click here or use the green "Request Information" button below to contact the supplier for details.



Date Published: 28th March 2022

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