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24th May 2023  Content supplied by: International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. IFF

New ENOVERA™ 2000 Range to Replace Up to 50 Percent Vital Gluten in Whole Wheat Bread

IFF have announced the launch of the ENOVERA™ 2000 range in Europe, the latest addition to its comprehensive range of market-leading solutions for the bakery industry. A next-generation enzyme dough strengthener, ENOVERA™ 2000 range is designed for bakery manufacturers interested in vital gluten replacement, particularly in challenging applications such as whole wheat bread. This breakthrough enzymatic innovation allows operational cost reductions without quality or volume trade-offs.

European bakery producers are seeking to balance production costs with product quality in the face of ingredient supply issues and recent global economic instability. In parallel, consumer demand for healthier offerings, including whole wheat bread, is rising. Optimizing processes and formulations can help bakers navigate these challenging market conditions to remain competitive, efficient and appealing to consumers.

ENOVERA 2000 range is a robust solution designed to meet these needs without compromise. The dough strengtheners deliver dependability throughout production and provide superior finished product quality for whole wheat bread in comparison to existing alternatives in the market. An enzyme technology, ENOVERA 2000 range performs equivalently or better than traditional emulsifiers and with reduced dependence on aids used to compensate for inconsistencies.1

To learn more about ENOVERA 2000 and IFF’s baking enzymes, visit the IFF website.

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Date Published: 24th May 2023

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