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14th May 2024  Content supplied by: Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG

New "Best Ager" Concepts Combine Health and Indulgence

  • Hydrosol, SternVitamin, and OlbrichtArom's Best Ager campaign targets the 55-plus age group.
  • Supports the cohort's interest in fitness, active lifestyles, and conscious nutrition.
  • Four health areas are identified: Immune System, Digestion and Gut, Heart, and Muscle and Bones.

Hydrosol and its sister companies, SternVitamin and OlbrichtArom, have developed a Best Ager campaign for the 55-plus age group. “It’s based on the worldwide Top Claims identified by Innova Market Insight around the subject of Healthy Aging,” explains Hydrosol Product Manager Binia Postel. “They found that the main claims in international markets focus on four health areas: Immune System, Digestion and Gut, Heart, and Muscle and Bones. Accordingly, we developed our Best Ager concept for these areas.”

Hydrosol provides a pleasant texture and full mouthfeel for sugar and fat-reduced products. For example, Hydrosol uses carefully selected starches and hydrocolloids to substitute for the beneficial technological properties of sugar and fat. SternVitamin enriches the products with vitamins and minerals for added health benefits. Meanwhile, OlbrichtArom’s flavourings deliver the desired taste.

Indulgent moments for healthy bones and muscles
The focus is initially on five dairy product ideas. Three of them revolve around healthy bones and muscles. Enrichment with calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 allows various EU Health Claims. For example, the protein-rich pudding with ten percent protein and just one percent fat is a healthy treat. It’s also free of added sugar.

Like pudding, mousse is a very popular dessert, but mostly only the classic chocolate and caramel flavours are on offer. “To add some new inspiration, we decided to make a yogurt mousse. With the help of a stabilizing system, we get a light mousse whose 3.6 percent protein content allows it to be declared as a source of protein. The reduced sugar content and low salt content are further advantages,” says Binia Postel. The fine lemon aroma with its fresh citrus juicy note is perfect for this yogurt mousse and makes it a refreshing treat.

The third product is a cocoa drink with a high nine percent protein content, no added sugar, and just 1.6 percent fat. It’s based on a functional system from the established Stabiprime MFD range, which offers many technical advantages for stabilizing flavoured milk drinks. Among other things, it prevents sedimentation of the cocoa components and gives a full mouthfeel.

Boosting heart and immune system
For immune health, Hydrosol presents an innovative new product that fills a market gap. This whey kefir drink combines two trend dairy products in a single concept while supporting the immune system through enrichment with the micronutrients Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and zinc. Another plus point is the low-fat content of just one percent. The drink can also be declared as a source of protein. The tropical flavour is a further sales argument – with its taste of passion fruit and peach, the beverage gives a holiday feeling.

To support heart health, Hydrosol has developed a fermented milk drink that is enriched with beta-glucan and oligofructose fibre and the micronutrients calcium, vitamin D3, and thiamine. This lets marketers to put various EU Health Claims and nutritional statements on the packaging. Examples include Source of Fibre, Low Fat Content, and No Added Sugar. Another benefit is the high protein content of 4.2 percent. A delicate vanilla note rounds out the product.

The health-related statements are based on the EU Health Claims. There are good reasons for this, as Binia Postel explains: “The Health Claims are internationally known and well-regarded. According to Innova Markt Insights, three out of five consumers worldwide indicate that the Health Claims and corresponding statements have a significant influence on their decision to buy.”

The new products are further refinements of proven stabilizing systems from Hydrosol’s portfolio. “In our choices of product concepts, we made sure that they don’t just meet the preferences of Best Agers, but also natively contain high amounts of micronutrients. That way, we only need to add minimal enrichment with specific nutrients in order to meet the criteria for Health Claims,” says Postel. “Generally, in conjunction with sugar and fat reduction and fibre enrichment, the campaign centres primarily on staying fit and healthy.” In addition to these Best Ager dairy products, Hydrosol is currently working on ideas for deli products that reference digestion and gut health.

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Date Published: 14th May 2024

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