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1st August 2023  Content supplied by: Nasekomo

Nasekomo Insect Center of Excellence (NICE) End-to-End Solutions for the Bioconversion Industry

Nasekomo’s Insect Center of Excellence has launched operations showcasing cutting-edge bioconversion technologies.

Nasekomo, the leading Bulgarian scale-up company, has proudly announced the commencement of operations at its Insect Center of Excellence (NICE). This July 2023 marked the first full production cycle at the facility, from insect genetic improvement to end-product manufacturing, resulting in the delivery of the initial batch of protein meal for pet food.

After two years of relentless dedication to research and development, the company is thrilled to announce the kick-off of NICE and its groundbreaking innovations, among which is the revolutionary automated platform for insect rearing. Designed on the principles of vertical farms, this data-driven and fully automated platform consists of up to 12 vertically stacked modular beds that can be 100 m long. It includes a multifunctional robot that performs all necessary actions to run the bioconversion process, an integrated environment controlling system, and an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven automation. This setup can process up to 20,000 tons of organic biomass with almost no human interventions beyond supervision and maintenance. The groundbreaking automated platform for insect rearing can be operated either as a standalone solution or as part of the comprehensive Nasekomo franchise.

This state-of-the-art facility is the culmination of intense research and dedication, bringing to fruition a range of unique solutions that are set to revolutionize the bioconversion industry,” stated Marc Bolard, co-founder of Nasekomo. “The NICE facility is a testament to our team's passion for innovation and our dedication to creating a positive impact on the world.”

Nasekomo Insect Center of Excellence aligns with the founders’ strategic plan to establish a partner network of local entrepreneurs interested in becoming insect protein producers. The 5,000-square-meter facility operates as a demonstration base where potential investors, partners, and clients can witness the automated insect-rearing solutions in action. There they can experience firsthand Nasekomo’s technologies employed to manage the bioconversion processes from the insect genetic improvement (thanks to the joint-venture with Grimaud Group called “FlyGenetics”) through reproduction, egg hatching, larvae rearing, to conversion from biomass to high-quality ingredients - protein meal, insect oil, and insect frass, now produced in-house at NICE.

"Our persistent efforts are dedicated to revolutionizing the insect industry, driving sustainability in agriculture and food sectors through innovations, advanced automation, and AI solutions," shared Xavier Marcenac, co-founder of Nasekomo. "We extend an invitation to entrepreneurs keen on promoting sustainability in the circular economy to visit NICE and experience our end-to-end solutions in managing bioconversion processes."

NICE is conveniently located in Bulgaria, close to its capital Sofia and its international airport, ready to introduce a new era in the bioconversion industry.



Date Published: 1st August 2023

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