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10th April 2023  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Mycorena Commercially Launch Mycolein™ a Fungi-Stabilised Fat

Mycorena's clean-label fat, first announced in 2021, is now commercially available under the brand Mycolein. In late 2021, Mycorena achieved a significant breakthrough by developing the first-ever fungi-stabilised fat solution mimicking animal fat's behaviour and sensory qualities. The fat ingredient was initially validated as a superior alternative to plant-based fats, as it enhances plant-based food products' taste and structural properties.

Since the initial announcement, Mycorena has collaborated with multiple European plant-based companies to improve the recipe further. As a result, the company is now ready to launch the product commercially under the new brand name Mycolein, which will be a new addition to its existing mycoprotein brand, Promyc.

Mycorena's flagship product Promyc is currently available in food products across multiple European countries in collaborative partnerships with leading plant-based food companies. With the addition of Mycolein, Mycorena aims to offer a broader range of sustainable food solutions and further contribute to the growing demand for healthier alternatives in the food industry.

The Mycorena team has dedicated several months to product development trials and tasting sessions with numerous plant-based companies to validate and stabilise the Mycolein fat ingredient in various food applications. For example, Slovenian Juicy Marbles produces plant-based filet mignon and has successfully created marbled products using Mycolein.

The fat has also been tested by Dalco Foods, a Dutch company within the Hilton Food Group, specialising in manufacturing vegetarian and vegan products; Finnish companies Meeat Food Tech Oy, behind the popular plant-based brand Muu, and Rebl Eats, behind the next-generation convenience foods. This collaborative effort has resulted in an improved and more versatile product ready to be launched on a full commercial scale. As a result, Mycorena now plans to launch Mycolein with its partners, reflecting its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the food industry.

Mycolein, as a mycoprotein-stabilised fat solution, offers unparalleled benefits to the food industry. Its versatile nature allows it to enhance the juiciness and flavour of any food product, including plant-based and alternative protein and meat products, with superior qualities similar to animal fat or as a healthier fat in meat products.

Compared to animal and vegetable fats, Mycolein has a better nutritional profile and delivers the same or even better organoleptic results, making it a healthier and more desirable option. It also improves the Nutri-score rating of both animal-based and plant-based products.

Mycolein is a source of fibre, with more than 40% fat reduction compared to other fats. Moreover, it contains very little saturated fat, 85% less than coconut fat, making it a healthier, low-fat option to conventional fat products. In addition, Mycorena's fat solution is a clean-label product containing only natural ingredients, which sets it apart from other options on the market.

'Our fat solution stabilises emulsions, locks in all of the product's flavours, and maintains its juiciness during cooking. Compared to conventional vegetable fats, our solution is healthier. In addition, the tailored recipe of our solution allows for the introduction of additional flavours and fortification, such as Omega 3,' says Joan Lluch Casarramona, Food Specialist at Mycorena.

More About Mycolein

One of the unique benefits of using fungi-stabilised fat solutions is that they help to stabilise emulsions, resulting in a melting behaviour similar to animal fat. Mycorena's patent-pending emulsifying technology entraps the fat, mimicking animal fat cells and creating marbled products nearly identical to meat. Then, when cooked, the fat is gradually released, melting like animal fat, which encapsulates and enhances the flavour of the food.

The use of mycelium biomass for this purpose opens up a world of innovation that has the potential to revolutionise the food industry. Mycorena's expertise and unique technology have enabled the development of this functional fat ingredient, which can be used as an emulsion stabiliser for various products across multiple industries.

The next phase for the company involves scaling up production of the fat solution, conducting customer validations at a larger scale, and preparing for full-scale manufacturing to bring the product to market.

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Date Published: 10th April 2023

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