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15th March 2023  Content supplied by: Motif Foodworks Inc

Motif FoodWorks Announces the Commercial Launch of APPETEX™

Motif FoodWorks, the Boston-based food technology company creating the next generation of food, today announced that its second food technology ingredient, APPETEX™, is now commercially available for large-scale distribution. APPETEX™ is a breakthrough ingredient that enhances the eating experience of plant-based foods, providing the springy, juicy chew-down typically found in meat products.

When surveyed, 67% of consumers said they would eat more meat alternatives if they tasted better and were more similar to the meat experience.[1] Texture is a critical piece of the taste experience. However, texture is often cited as a top barrier to consumer acceptance of plant-based foods and meat alternatives, along with flavor and juiciness. While plant-based proteins like texturized soy or pea protein can mimic the fibrous structure of meat, these ingredients fall short of creating the springy chew-down sensation. That springy feel when chewing results from proteins that comprise muscle and connective tissues in meats.

In partnership with the Rhizome Network, Motif leveraged advancements in materials science and production to recreate the texture of animal connective tissue using a combination of plant proteins and plant-based carbohydrates. APPETEX™, appropriately named after the "appetite" and "texture" combination the technology provides, is an edible plant-based hydrogel capable of replicating the bite associated with animal-based connective tissue. It provides game-changing solutions for the springy, juicy chew-down experience consumers have been looking for.

"As an innovation partner, Rhizome Network and its global innovators have been delighted to contribute to the commercial launch and distribution of APPETEX™," stated Edward Jung, CEO of Rhizome Network. "From providing technical insight, solutions, and prototype samples since its inception to assisting Motif to operationalize and commercially launch in less than two years, we are grateful to the Motif team for giving us the opportunity to work closely with their scientists and for being a model client for open innovation."

Using their holistic food design expertise, Motif created a showcase plant-based burger to validate how APPETEX™ performs in a food formulation. 63% of people surveyed preferred the Motif burger containing APPETEX™ to the other market-leading plant-based burgers.[2]

"We are excited to bring APPETEX™ to market," stated Michael Leonard, CEO of Motif FoodWorks. "Our team continues to innovatively enhance the consumer experience of plant-based foods. Texture has been a big hurdle in that experience. APPETEX™ provides a critical ingredient solution to advance consumer adoption of plant-based meat alternatives. We look forward to providing a better bite as we create the next generation of food."

To enable consumers to taste the benefits of APPETEX™ and its other breakthrough food ingredients, Motif is planning a series of finished format product launches throughout the year. As of today, a waitlist is open for consumers to sign up for the company's first limited-time direct-to-consumer sale (D2C). During the sale, which is scheduled to launch in early April, customers will be able to purchase a 4-pack of Motif BeefWorks™ Plant-Based Burger Patties, made with both HEMAMI™ and APPETEX™. The waitlist is available here.

APPETEX™ is now currently available for purchase and distribution. Contact Motif using the green button below for more information.

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  2. Motif Focus Group Study, March 2021



Date Published: 15th March 2023

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