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25th November 2021  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Microalgae Cheddar Is Here, and It’s Packed With B12

Sophie’s Bionutrients and Ingredion Idea Labs® developed the first cheese made with microalgae. The novel product boasts the typical umami and tangy taste of classic Cheddar, and can have either solid or spreadable texture.

Sophie’s Bionutrients is a food tech company based in Singapore that uses microalgae and proprietary patent-pending technology to develop 100% plant-based alternative protein. The company’s name was inspired by co-Founder & CEO Eugene Wang’s daughter’s seafood allergy, which prompted him to find a new way to get nutrients from the ocean without using animals.

Singapore’s Ingredion Idea Labs® is one of the 32 centres around the world where the global ingredients provider tackles food technology challenges in partnership with clients and other businesses, to develop more sustainable and nutritious food.

The main ingredient of the novel non-dairy cheese is Sophie’s Bionutrients’ dairy-free microalgae milk, launched in May 2021 and made with microalgae protein flour mixed with water. The microalgae milk has a texture similar to nut milk, but it can be further refined to mimic dairy’s creaminess. It boasts a complete amino acid profile and a B12 content per ounce equal to twice the daily recommended intake.

"Microalgae is one of the most nutrient-rich and ductile resources on the planet and today we have shown another facet of its unlimited possibilities,” said Wang. “We are incredibly excited for this development in allergen-free foods and the possibility of more inclusive dining.”

Creating a dairy-free version of one of the most popular cheeses makes perfect sense at a time when the worldwide demand for plant-based alternatives keeps growing.

The microalgae strain used by Sophie’s Bionutrients is U.S. GRAS and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Considering that regulatory hurdles are usually the most time-consuming to solve, it’s likely that consumers won’t have to wait too long before they find microalgae cheese on the supermarket shelves.

To learn more about Sophie’s Bionutrients visit their website or click on the button below to get in touch with them.



Date Published: 25th November 2021

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