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25th July 2022  Content supplied by: Merit Functional Foods

Merit's Peazazz CTM Pea Protein Delivers Smooth Texture in Ready-to-Drink Beverages

Sediment. It’s one of the biggest hurdles faced by plant protein formulators as they develop innovative ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages for the growing category.

Merit Functional Foods is setting out to change this with the introduction of its newest ingredient, Peazazz CTM, a uniquely different pea protein that enables a smooth, grit-free texture in RTD
beverages, without chalkiness – even when used at higher, double-digit protein inclusion percentages.

“Consumers trying plant-based applications such as RTD beverages are often noticing a gritty texture,
with sediment accumulated at the bottom of the bottle,” Merit’s Co-CEO Ryan Bracken said. “Peazazz
CTM is the solution formulators have been looking for to solve this common issue. With its high solubility and low viscosity, it has the functionality that formulators need to deliver an optimal sensory

Peazazz CTM is a high purity pea protein, Canadian-grown and produced with full traceability back to the farm, giving plant-based food and beverage brands a trusted source of plant protein. It also has the
ability to support low sodium claims in high protein applications, offering a healthier plant protein

“We’re committed to providing the best ingredients to the formulators who are creating the next
generation of plant-based innovation,” Bracken said. “We’re able to achieve just that because of how
close we are to our supply chain and our patented protein extraction process. Together, this ensures we produce only the highest quality product – from the field to the applications lab to the facility in which it’s produced.”

In that same spirit, Merit also recently achieved an AA score for Food Safety with the British Retail
Consortium Global Standard (BRSGS) for the second year in a row, which puts Merit in a premium class of suppliers that adheres to the highest food safety and quality standards.

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Date Published: 25th July 2022

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