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24th March 2021  Content supplied by: Axiom Foods Inc.

Meatless Burgers Given Nutrition Makeover with Pea Protein

Watch out for plant-based burgers as meatless product launches have increased 29.5 percent in one year — because that kind of growth can only be sustained by scaleable variety combined with advancements that make economic sense and make consumers happy.

Fortunately, meatless tacos, gyros, “meatballs,” sausages, chicken, and seafood of all sorts are launching right behind — and all of them are getting a nutrition panel makeover thanks to Axiom’s groundbreaking VegOtein™ TX Texturized Pea Proteins.

Despite the initial hemming, hawing, and challenging of “how healthy” meatless burgers are, the category continues to explode, both in percentage sales and options.

The industry has learned that to get plant-based ingredient lists shorter and healthier and get the consumer experience “close-enough” to traditional meat products — the heavy lifting of meat analogs needs to occur during the mechanical processing of the plant-based proteins.

That’s where Axiom launching 5+ versions of VegOtein™ TX comes in — reducing the need for gums and stabilizers such as soy and wheat gluten, plus carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).

Now taking on soy-based extruded vegetable protein, this once belittled yet one-of-a-kind, functional pea protein enables cleaner, allergen-friendly labels that feature gluten-free and soy-free claims while boasting the same 1.0 PDCAAS as animal-based protein.

Rarely discussed but readily available are animal-based processed meats benefiting from the functionality of pea protein replacers.

From traditional meatballs to chicken nuggets, the smaller VegOtein™ TX sizes blend in and “extend” the meat while helping replace fat, bind flavor and retain water, and adding cost-saving volume, all while maintaining protein levels, all while managing the cost-saving volume.



Date Published: 24th March 2021

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