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2nd June 2022  Content supplied by: MeaTech 3D Ltd.

MeaTech Hosts Tasting Event for Swedish Ag-Tech

MeaTech 3D Ltd., an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution, is pleased to announce that the company hosted a tasting event for a Swedish delegation of prominent leaders from government, business, and academia. The event took place at MeaTech’s headquarters in the Rehovot Science Park, the hub of Israeli food tech.

The visit was organized in cooperation with the food-tech unit at the Israeli Export Institute as part of The Connector Conference which aimed to deepen Swedish-Israeli collaborations in innovative food and ag-tech ecosystems.

Guests were served hybrid chicken nuggets made with cultured chicken developed by MeaTech’s Belgian subsidiary, Peace of Meat. Cultured chicken gave the mostly plant-based nuggets an authentic meaty flavor, aroma and texture.

MeaTech’s chef prepared the dish in the company’s tasting kitchen. Guests were also treated to a tour of MeaTech’s labs and R&D facilities and observed the company’s 3D printing capabilities.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of MeaTech, said: “We are excited and honored to host this delegation of Swedish business, government and academic leaders and are proud to offer them a taste of our own cutting-edge achievement in the field of cultured meat. We believe that hybrid food products that combine plant-based ingredients and cultured meat have the potential to be a game changer for sustainable alternative meat products offer a meatier taste and mouthfeel which is closer to conventional meat.”

Joanna Boquist, Head of Swedish governmental innovation agency, Vinnova, in Israel, said: “We were privileged for the opportunity to see and taste first-hand a trailblazing example of Israeli ingenuity in the cultured meat sector. We were treated to a delightful hybrid chicken nugget dish that definitely helped fuel our optimism for the future of the alternative protein industry.”

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Date Published: 2nd June 2022

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