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23rd September 2021  Content supplied by: Peace Of Meat

Scaling up Chicken Fat: Peace of Meat Now Makes More Than 500g per Production Run

It may not be as appetising as a beef patty, but is equally as important, especially for food manufacturers looking to produce hybrid alternative meat products: MeaTech 3D announced that its Belgian subsidiary, Peace of Meat, produced just over 700 grams of pure cultivated chicken fat biomass in a single production run.

It's believed to be the first public demonstration of growth in a single run of this quantity of 100% pure cultivated cell biomass. 

Sharon Fima, CEO and CTO, MeaTech, commented: "The production capabilities we have demonstrated today are a successful step in line with our strategy of developing a pilot plant for cultivated fat production, which we are planning for 2022." 

Plans for this pilot plant were revealed in MeaTech 3D's mid-year financial report published a few weeks ago. 

Animal meat is made up of three elements: muscle (fibres and blood), fat, and connective tissues. Together, they contribute to meat's taste that food tech companies will need to replicate, if they want to pave the way for mass adoption from consumers. MeaTech is one of those B2B companies specialising in one of these elements. The company believes that real cultured animal fats can potentially deliver the signature flavors, aromas, and textures of conventional farmed meat, enhancing consumer experience when combined with plant-based ingredients. 

David Brandes, Managing Director of Peace of Meat, commented: "Producing this quantity of pure cultured material in one run is a breakthrough towards potentially manufacturing cultivated chicken fat at an industrial scale and cost parity. The product, pending novel food approval, is designed to be just like conventional chicken fat. Our shorter-term goal is that this type of cultured chicken cells can be commercialized by MeaTech in strategic hybrid product development collaborations. Today's preliminary production success brings us one step closer to our longer-term goal of changing human diets towards more sustainable, yet equally savory, food choices."

To know more about Peace of Meat's cultivated chicken fat, visit their website at peace-of-meat.comor click on the button below to get in touch with them directly.



Date Published: 23rd September 2021

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