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4th October 2023  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

Meat-like Plant-based Meat Made Possible With Vertera® ProBite

Novozymes has launched Vertera® ProBite to enhance the texture of plant-based meat.

Not only does Vertera® ProBite deliver a succulent and juicy texture, it also has the unique advantage of requiring no labeling.

Vertera® ProBite features:
  • Texture enhancement - specifically engineered to address the texture issue in plant-based meat products, Vertera® ProBite delivers an exceptional mouthfeel and consistency.
  • Clean label - Vertera® ProBite does not need to be listed on an ingredient declaration since it is approved as a processing aid; not only that, it eliminates the use of methylcellulose and other hydrocolloids.
  • Ease of handling - Its liquid format makes Vertera® ProBite very easy to dose and handle safely during food production.

Novozymes has prepared a helpful white paper exploring why it can be so difficult to achieve the perfect texture when developing plant-based meat products and how to overcome those challenges with answers we find inside plants.

Why does texture in plant-based meat fail? Download White Paper or contact Novozymes for more details using the green button below.



Date Published: 4th October 2023

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