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23rd February 2022  Content supplied by: The Better Meat Co.

Meat Enhancement and Animal Free Meat With No Compromises

Plant-based meat has traditionaly been made using plant protein isolates but the resulting products haven't always delivered the meaty texture consumers want.

Rhiza from The Better Meat Co. delivers on texture, and not only that it packs a nutrional punch.  Rich in Iron and potassium.  Rich in protein, Low in fat and with no cholesterol, Rhiza is even a good source of fibre.

For Meat Enhancement

Rhiza has been sucessfully used to enhance beef, fish, pork and crab.  For example Rhiza-enhanced pork. Enhanced with Rhiza at a minimum 1/3rd inclusion rate, pork products can be infused with superior nutrition and meatier texture, without sacrificing flavor or yield. Boasting zero cholesterol and a complete amino acid profile, Rhiza is a superfood that can improve any meat product.

For Animal Free Meat

Rhiza is perfect for animal free, burgers, steaks, chicken, crab and fish.  For example Rhiza chicken. Rhiza is a perfect mimic for many meat products, especially chicken. Formulated to replicate the tender, savory, crispy texture of a grilled chicken breast, Rhiza is indistinguishable from chicken. Plus, it takes far less time to harvest (think hours instead of months), and packs more nutrition in each bite than an animal-based chicken breast ever could!

Better Meat Co. CEO Paul Shapiro recently told New Protein, "Plant protein isolates are wonderful, but with mycoprotein we can deliver whole food nutrition with a superior meat-like texture."

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Date Published: 23rd February 2022

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