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26th May 2022  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Loryma Presents Functional Wheat Ingredients at IFFA 2022

Loryma’s stand at this year's IFFA show showcased their new, sustainable and economical options for the production of meat products or vegan and vegetarian products based on functional wheat ingredients.

These include the innovative texturates of the Lory® Tex range for hybrid and plant-based alternatives, as well as hydrolysed wheat protein (Lory® Protein H11 and H12) for nutritional optimisation. The extruded breadcrumb Lory® Crumb is the latest addition to the existing, comprehensive modular coating system, which also includes the starches Lory® Starch Saphir and Lory® Starch Brillant to improve adhesion of the breadcrumb to the substrate.

In addition, Loryma offers further functional starches that can be used for different purposes: Depending on the production process, the wheat starches Lory® Starch Elara or Lory® Starch Iris represent an alternative to the banned white pigment titanium dioxide for lightening meat products. The latter can also be used as a small-grain starch in injection brines for improved texture and a higher yield.

Lory® Starch Solaris is suitable as a high-performance binding and thickening agent for meat products and vegan recipes. Other binding and stabilising systems for convenience and frozen products, such as meat kebabs or vegetarian versions, complete the range.



Norbert Klein, Head of Product Development at Loryma, says: “Wheat ingredients combine consumer demands for optimised texture, appearance and taste with industrial feasibility. In addition, our application concepts make a meaningful contribution to inspirational new products.”




Date Published: 26th May 2022

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