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12th June 2024  Content supplied by: Loryma GmbH

Loryma Introduces New Binder for Vegan Food

  • Loryma has added a clean-label alternative to its Lory® Bind portfolio
  • The new wheat-based binder is ideal for use in Vegan foods

Ingredients specialist Loryma responds to increasing demand for foods with easily understandable ingredient lists with the addition of a new binder to the Lory® Bind portfolio. The wheat-based solution offers a declaration-friendly alternative to conventional binders such as methylcellulose and is ideal for meat-free products. In combination with a wheat texturate from the Lory® Tex range, the authentic replication of plant-based fish and meat alternatives is possible.

By using texturates and the new Lory® Bind variant, manufacturers can not only imitate the typical structure and authentic mouthfeel of nuggets, schnitzels, and salami but also create foods with short ingredient lists free from declarable E-numbers. Additionally, the protein contained in the binder gives vegan meat alternatives a nutrient profile that closely resembles the original.

Versatile application for clean-label meat substitutes
Enabling a wide range of vegan applications, suitable for both hot and cold consumption, the new binder ensures optimal binding and elastic texture. The wheat-based ingredient is easy to handle, allowing manufacturers to use their usual meat processing technology for the production of plant-based substitutes.

Norbert Klein, Head of Research and Development at Loryma, highlights: “For us, this new Lory® Bind variant marks another milestone in the development of clean label binders for the vegan food industry. This solution not only aligns with consumer expectations but also supports manufacturers in producing plant-based products entirely free from E-numbers.”

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Date Published: 12th June 2024

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