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6th August 2021  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Loryma’s New Binding System Solves Three Functional Problems of Meat Alternatives at Once

Producers of meat analogues face three specific challenges.

First: if they don't want to limit the reach to strictly vegan and vegetarian consumers, their products need not only to have a similar taste to meat, but also a meat-like texture.

Second: the quantity and quality of proteins in their products has to be on par with real meat. According to a 2019 research, the average protein content of meat analogues ranges between 18% and 25% depending on the source.

The third and final factor to consider is clean label: too often, meat substitutes have long ingredients lists with unfamiliar names and e-numbers.

Ingredients expert Loryma, a brand of Crespel & Deiters Group, has launched Lory® Bind, a system of two binding agents based on wheat and fava beans, that will allow producers to solve all three of these issues together.

Improved texture. Starches and other functional components of wheat can effectively give plant-based meat alternatives the typical texture and bite of meat.

Better nutritional value. Lory® Bind improves the quality of protein profile thanks to lysine and methiamine, two essential amino acids. Also, with 57.3% of protein, it can effectively raise average content in formulations.

Clean label. Lory® Bind requires no e-number and can replace common gelling and thickening agents like hydrocolloids (such as gellan gum, or E418), methylcellulose (E461), or carrageenan (E407).

An added value of Lory® Bind is sustainability. The wheat to produce the binding agent is sourced from controlled cultivations in the EU close to the production plant, while fava bean has one of the smallest carbon footprints among crops.

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Date Published: 6th August 2021

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