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28th April 2022  Content supplied by: Lantmännen Biorefineries

Lantmännen is Exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe 2022

Vitafoods Europe brings together companies and professionals from the functional food and nutraceutical industries and presents the latest developments and trends.

Lantmännen Functional Foods will showcase their unique oat-based ingredients PromOat oat beta-glucan, PrOatein oat protein and their recently launched gluten-free wheat starch.

PromOat oat beta-glucan is a high-concentration, soluble oat bran fibre, low in insoluble fibres. It is extracted from Swedish, GMO-free, wholegrain oats without the use of chemicals. PromOat is a natural source of beta-glucan, the dietary fibre in oat bran that provides important health and functional benefits. In the body, oat beta-glucan helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels and digestion. As a functional ingredient, it thickens and stabilizes emulsions and imparts an indulgent, creamy mouthfeel. PromOat is available in both conventional and gluten-free versions.

PrOatein oat protein is a natural unique plant-based protein concentrate based on Swedish non-GMO oats that helps manufacturers to meet the fast-growing consumer demand for nutritious, protein-enriched foods and supplements. It is vegan-friendly, has a mild oaty flavour and is an excellent alternative to other dairy and vegetable protein sources. All of which makes PrOatein the ideal ingredient for boosting protein content in a wide range of products.

Lantmännen will also present new innovative applications that can help manufacturers of food and beverages develop nutritious products that cater to the growing consumer demand for plant-based and healthy foods.

Meet Lantmännen at Vitafoods Europe 2022 at booth B161 or contact the supplier for details using the green "Request Information" button below.



Date Published: 28th April 2022

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