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9th December 2021  Product update: Lallemand Inc

Lallemand Launch Three Yeast Extracts to Give Roasted Notes to Plant-Based Meat

Lallemand, the Canadian specialist in yeasts and bacteria, launched three new yeast extracts for plant-based formulations, called Savor-Lyfe® P. The P series is not only suitable for plant-based food. It can enhance the flavour profile of meat products, ready meals, snacks, and others.

The new series will be part of Savor-Lyfe®, a brand of yeast extracts that promote specific flavours in all types of savoury foods. These products are ideal for foods requiring roasted notes enhancement, such as roasted beef or chicken. They can be used in a wide range of applications and in conjunction with other yeast extracts.

The P series comes in three versions: Savor-Lyfe® PH 04 for products mimicking cooked ham; Savor-Lyfe® PS 05 for bacon-like smoked meat; Savor-Lyfe® PR 06 for pork-like roasted meat.

With the Savor-Lyfe® P series, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients offers the authentic meat experience to conscious consumers while keeping the promise of a more sustainable meal.

All Lallemand products are kosher, halal and non-GMO Project verified.

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Date Published: 9th December 2021

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