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4th February 2021  Content supplied by: Kerry Taste and Nutrition

Kerry Unveils Radicle™ Solution Finder for Plant-based Foods and Beverages

Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, has released its Radicle™ Solution Finder,a web-based tool that allows users to instantly access solutions to plant-based formulation challenges. Available online for use on desktop or mobile, the Radicle Solution Finder is an interactive and easy-to-use tool that aids in developing new products for the rapidly emerging plant-based market.

Upon opening the Radicle Solution Finder, users select their target category — either a meat or dairy alternative. From there, they can filter their challenges according to four main drop-down menus: taste, nutrition, functionality, and plant protein or dairy alternatives. Following this, they can select from many relevant challenges, such as adding authentic taste flavors, clean label solutions, food protection, addressing texture challenges, and others. The user is then presented with a range of solutions based on their selections that they can scroll through or click on to learn more information.

"Plant-based innovation is moving rapidly and has its own unique set of formulation challenges that must be addressed in order to deliver a superior product. At Kerry, we recognized the importance of taking a holistic approach to tackling plant-based challenges. The Radicle Solution Finder is a fun and engaging way for customers to navigate through those challenges," said Jenny Palan, Senior Strategic Marketing Lead, Plant Proteins. "This innovation is designed to help food and beverage developers quickly find and access solutions to some of the most common challenges experienced in developing plant-based products."

Stephen Cobb, RD&A Director, commented on the benefits to product developers: "The Radicle Solution Finder is a great tool for plant-based developers that will help them quickly pinpoint their challenges and bring together integrated solutions aimed at creating optimal plant-based products. A further important benefit is an opportunity to establish useful new partnerships with Kerry."

The plant-based category is evolving quickly, and manufacturers and operators alike are responding to growing consumer interest in high-quality plant-based foods by innovating with alternative sources, additional formats and adventurous flavors. However, there are still obstacles to be overcome within the category. The industry not only has to solve for consumer barriers in terms of taste, texture, performance, etc., but also for the innate challenges encountered during formulation. The Radicle Solution Finder was developed by Kerry’s team of plant-based experts, and incorporates Radicle’s holistic portfolio of plant-based solutions to address several critical issues. The goal is to create solutions that can help customers create and deliver sustainable, winning products that are nutritionally optimized and deliver the winning combination of cleaner labels, authentic taste and appealing texture.

Consumer research shows that taste is one of the most important attributes of plant-based foods and beverages. The Radicle Solution Finder provides innovative taste solutions for plant-based products, including tools to incorporate authentic meat and dairy flavors, mask off-notes, boost overall flavor, and even create craveability.

"Delivering delicious taste, meaningful nutrition, clean label functionality and sustainable alternatives is key to success with plant-based foods," adds Palan. "All of these challenges, and more, are addressed by the Kerry Radicle Solution Finder."

The Radicle Solution Finder can be accessed here.



Date Published: 4th February 2021

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