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21st September 2023  Content supplied by: Hanson Wade

Join the 7th Microbiome Movement – Human Nutrition Summit!

As nutritional organizations seek to differentiate their products through modulation of the human microbiome, and further demonstrate the benefits of their products for improved human health, the 7th Microbiome Movement - Human Nutrition Summit remains the only industry meeting dedicated to moving the needle on scientifically validated, microbiome modulating, nutritional product development.

While the human microbiome continues to prove itself as an untapped source of scientific innovation for the nutritional community, there remain significant scientific challenges when translating microbiome R&D into safe, effective, and commercially scalable consumer health products.

If you’re committed to developing pre-, pro-, or post-biotics, functional food, microbiome modulating ingredients, or other interventions that provide microbial-mediated health benefits, don’t miss this year’s only opportunity to tap into a unique network of peers who continue to solve some of the greatest scientific and product development challenges when harnessing the power of the gut microbiome.

With over 100+ human nutrition leaders uniting this November, the 7th Microbiome Movement - Human Nutrition Summit offers an unrivalled opportunity to optimize your product development and consumer acceptance of microbiome-based food and nutritional products.

What will you gain?
Build on your knowledge of foundational science and novel research methods with brand new organizations and speakers; here’s a snapshot of the content:

  • Mapping the Microbiome’s Link to Nutrition with Holobiome
  • Sequencing, Metabolomics & Bioinformatics – Choosing the Right Strains for Your Product Development with Verb Biotics
  • Specialized Metabolites Influence Gut Bacteria to Burn Calories & Prevent Weight Gain in the Host with Rose Biosciences

Advance your product development pipelines by hearing from the pioneers leading the industry:

  • The Benefits, Strategy & Challenges of Using Genetic Engineering for Product Development with ZBiotcs
  • Understanding What Regulators Want from Your Clinical Trial to Substantiate New Claims: A Case Study with Ingredion
  • Uncovering Novel Clinical Microbial Biomarkers for Nutritional Research with Orebro University

Explore commercialization considerations from strategic marketing, consumer education to claim substantiation:

  • Engaging the Consumer: Unveiling Probiotic Perceptions and Mastering Effective Communication Strategies with ImmuneBiotech AB
  • Bridging the Consumer-Product Developer Gap: What do the Nutritionists & Doctors Hear from the Consumer? with Danone and Toby Amidor Nutrition

Get a 10% discount for users when registering by using the Discount Code: MMHNSMPD10

Find out more here or use the Request Information button to send an email directly to the organiser.



Date Published: 21st September 2023

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