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1st February 2023  Product update: newprotein staff writer

Is Cultivated Beef Kosher?

Aleph Farms have announced that the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Baruch Lau, has ruled their cultivated steak to be kosher. Coming from the leader of the Chief Rabbinate — a key rabbinic council for religious certifications in Judaism — this ruling opens the door for Aleph Farms to receive a kosher certificate ahead of their market launch later this year.

This paves the way forward as Aleph Farms work to get kosher certification for their production facility in Rehovot and also for their individual products. This ruling has implications for the entire cultivated meat sector as it indicates an openness among religious authorities to publicly assure adherents that cultivated meat products are appropriate to consume. To this end, Aleph Farms are also in contact with Muslim, Hindu and other religious authorities about certifying our products as suitable nutritional options for groups with different religious practices.

By 2030, the global kosher beef market is anticipated to be worth roughly $100.85 billion USD. The market is being driven by the growing preference for kosher beef in key nations such as the United States, France, and Israel, which have the largest Jewish populations and account for more than 86% of the global Jewish population. By 2021, around 73.9% of Israel's population will be Jewish, making it an important market for kosher beef.

This verdict means that when Aleph Farms' cultured steaks hit the market in Israel, which is expected in the near future, local authorities will most likely affirm they are kosher, enabling Jewish diners who observe kashrut to incorporate them into their diets.

Aleph Farms is now collaborating with regulatory bodies around the world in order to commercialize their first product, a cultured thin-cut beef steak. They also intend to make various steak cuts as well as cultured collagen using other proprietary capabilities that have been developed.

Aleph Farms' goods are made using starting cells derived from a fertilized egg taken from Lucy, a superior Black Angus cow who lives on a breeding farm in California. Aleph Farms can create millions of tons of cultured meat from a single collection of Lucy's fertilized egg without engineering or immortalizing cells, avoiding slaughter and serving as part of an inclusive solution for sustainable and secure food systems.



Date Published: 1st February 2023

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