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24th August 2023  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

Introducing Marina Cat™ - the Purrrfect Cell-cultivated-fish Cat Treat.

Last month, we reported on Bmmune, a patented blend of high-protein nutritional yeast and fermentation products, which is the mainstay of CULT Food Science's cultivated pet food brand Noochies.

Now we are excited to report the introduction of Marina™ Cat, a hybrid pet treat containing Cult's Bmmune plus cell-cultivated snapper fish by Singapore-based biotech startup Umami Bioworks.  Marina Cat is a high protein, low calorie snack with super savory umami flavors that cats find delicious

This innovative treat offers distinct nutritional properties that contribute to enhanced cognitive function in cats. These benefits stem from the treat's exceptional levels of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acid chains. Research has indicated that the inclusion of DHA and EPA in the treat has the potential to enhance the development of the brain, vision, and nervous system in felines, including both adult cats and kittens.

The influence of human activities on the oceans extends beyond the mere consumption of seafood. Cats, specifically, are classified as obligate carnivores. Their digestive systems are not sufficiently adapted to effectively process plant matter, resulting in inadequate nutrient absorption necessary for their survival. To meet their fundamental nutritional demands, pet owners need to feed their cats animal products, and this puts an unexpected amount of strain on the world's fish supply.

In 20081 it was estimated that the amount of raw fishery products directly used by the cat food industry equates to 2.48 million metric tonnes per year.

Marina Cat provides all of the animal-derived nutrition of caught or farmed fish without the negative environmental consequences of commercial fishing.

It is expected that production of Marina Cat will commence later this year and that the product will be widely available in 2024.

Leveraging innovative cell-cultivated technology, this revolutionary product release signifies a significant milestone in the pet food industry, which is valued at approximately $150 billion globally.

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Date Published: 24th August 2023

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