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9th November 2022  Content supplied by: Insect Engineers

Insect Engineers Launch Insect School Website

With this online platform, Insect School wants to revolutionize the insect farming industry. By sharing knowledge and collaborating, the goal is to help novice and more experienced Black Soldier Fly (BSF) enthusiasts with commercial BSF farming to move towards circular food production together.

Ambitious plans strives to be the #1 online news source and knowledge base for anyone interested in the BSF industry. Insect School was founded to show the world what BSF farming has to offer and how it will revolutionize the world of animal nutrition in moving towards global circular food production. The website will deliver news, analysis, online and face-to-face events, as well as interactive content covering the issues and stories impacting decision-makers in the industry. Furthermore, Visitors to the website can easily find answers to their questions in the knowledge base. In this way, anyone can gather information on how to get started with commercial BSF farming.

We believe that if you are serious about changing the world, you can’t do it alone. We believe in the value of shared intelligence for both customers and brands and driving business growth through collaboration and innovation," says Bob Holtermans, CEO and founder of Insect Engineers. "By sharing knowledge and working together, instead of keeping everything to ourselves, we can expand our knowledge and really move forward as an industry".

Sparking growth through collaboration and innovation

In this way, Insect School wants to grow the community and function as an (online) meeting place and platform for companies in the sector to share knowledge and get started with commercial BSF farming. Because the industry is often quite tight-lipped, Insect School believes a change is necessary towards working together to be able to make a difference. Only in that way can giant leaps be made toward a circular food production to provide the next generations with a sustainable future.

Recently, Insect School already opened its physical location in the Netherlands. Here, testing facilities are available for every step of the Black Soldier Fly farming process. This starts with the adult flies laying eggs to the processing of larvae into protein for animal feed. In several climate-controlled rooms equipped with high-tech systems, Insect School customers and partners can get hands-on experience with the industrial process of farming BSF larvae commercially.

In this way, Insect School helps start-ups in the sector to make the step to an industrial-scale commercial Black Soldier Fly farm. Through different types of pilots, Insect School helps entrepreneurs analyze the technological feasibility of their plans.

The website can be accessed here.



Date Published: 9th November 2022

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