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13th October 2021  Author: newprotein staff writer

InnovoPro Has a New Chickpea Ingredient for the Most Demanding Consumers

Israeli company InnovoPro will introduce InnovoTex65-TVP at the SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas from 25 to 28 October.

InnovoTex65-TVP is a protein ingredient that combines chickpea and pea protein concentrates processed via low-moisture extrusion. The result - the company says - is a shelf-stable product with strong gelling and emulsifying properties, rich mouthfeel, and a very neutral taste that won't require masking agents.

InnovoTex65-TVP is poised to create products for the most demanding consumers: it's non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-allergenic.

The launch is part of InnovoPro's plan to expand to the US market. The company, which raised almost $39m with 7 Series A and B funding rounds, recently opened a subsidiary and warehouse in Chicago, and has partnered with Cereal Ingredients Inc. to produce its plant-based ingredients.

InnovoPro's line of products so far consists of chickpea concentrate CP-Pro 70® (both organic and non-organic) and chickpea starch. 

Chickpeas are a rising star in the plant protein space. Although they don’t provide all essential amino acids like soy, they have great functional properties and are not listed as allergens. 

Other companies competing with InnovoPro are Virginia-based Nutriati, with a range of chickpea and pea protein blends, ChickP, with chickpea concentrates, and ProEarth Chickpea 70 by Cambridge Commodities.

InnovoPro’s ingredients have been used in very diverse products: egg-free mayo, vegan ice cream, non-dairy milk, energy bars and of course veggie burgers.

To learn more about InnovoPro's products, visit their website or get in touch with them by clicking the button below.



Date Published: 13th October 2021

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