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18th September 2023  Content supplied by: MycoTechnology Inc

Innovative Solutions for Great-Tasting, Nutritious Plant Protein

FermentIQ™ PTP is a pea and rice protein blend fermented with shiitake mushroom mycelia to improve taste, texture, functionality and nutritional quality for superior plant-based protein products.

  • Our mycelial fermentation process reduces negative flavors and aromas, resulting in a more neutral taste
  • Provides complete protein with all essential amino acid and a PDCAAs score of 1.0 for ages 3 and above.
  • Enhanced digestibility, enabling 99.9% of the protein consumed to be easily digested
  • Allows you to create a high-quality plant-based protein product without sacrificing taste, texture or aroma

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ClearIQ™ flavor modulation tools can neutralize challenging off-notes and enhance flavors to improve taste in a broad range of functional ingredients, novel proteins and traditional proteins including whey and plant proteins.

  • Natural flavor and bitter blocker derived from mushroom mycelial fermentation
  • Temporarily occupies receptor sites on the tongue, preventing the perception of bitter, metallic, and other common negative flavors
  • Brightens and clarifies flavors in complex systems with broad-spectrum functionality
  • Allows you to create nutritious products with better taste and aroma to drive consumer loyalty

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Date Published: 18th September 2023

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