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21st June 2023  Content supplied by: Corbion Biotech Inc.

Innovative Enzyme Facilitates Sugar and Cost Reduction in Baked Goods

As bakers of commercial bread and buns grapple with limited sugar availability and persistently high prices, leading ingredient supplier Corbion is helping them achieve the product quality they are known for while reducing the amount of costly sugar in their formulations.

Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600 is an enzyme-based freshness solution from Corbion that also breaks down the long-chain carbohydrates in flour into simpler sugars, adding sweetness to the product, so less sugar and yeast are needed as raw materials.

"At Corbion, our commitment is to provide solutions that meet the valuable needs of our customers. We understand the powerful market dynamics that bakers grapple with, such as persistent inflation and soaring sugar prices," expressed Abby Ceule, Senior Director, Functional Systems. "To combat these challenges, we leverage our industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, enabling bakers to remain competitive amidst these adversities. As a part of our diverse Ultra Fresh Portfolio, Advantage 600 offers bakers the capability to extend shelf life and enhance formulation efficiency while maintaining the unwavering product quality their consumers expect and deserve."

Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600 combines patent-pending enzyme technology to prolong product shelf life, enhancing qualities that include resilience, softness, and balanced moistness – freshness qualities key to shaping the consumer's eating experience. In addition, it generates the release of sugar in the baking process, thereby reducing the amount of sugar needed as a raw material input in the production of bread and buns by as much as seven baker's percent, approximately twice as much compared with competing solutions.

"A standard bread formula may contain around 10 percent sugar, but when using Ultra Fresh® Advantage 600, bakers can reduce sugar content to 3 percent without impacting the quality, taste, or freshness of their end product," said Jesse Stinson, Director-Research, Development & Applications at Corbion. "That's the kind of formulation change that can really improve the profitability of a product."

"At Corbion, we focus on creating products that serve multiple value-driven purposes, all while honoring what truly matters to our customers. This could relate to the quality of their end product, the efficiency of their processes, the economy of their formulation, or indeed, a blend of these factors," Ceule highlighted. "It's our deep understanding of these key considerations and our use of innovative ingredient science that fuels our dedication. Preserving and elevating what's truly important – that's the passion driving the Corbion team."

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Date Published: 21st June 2023

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