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4th March 2024  Content supplied by: Innophos

Innophos Helps Manufacturers Improve Texture of Upcycled Cheese

Innophos recently highlighted its latest solution to help manufacturers improve the texture of upcycled cheese. Upcycled cheese products are quickly gaining popularity with consumers, yet manufacturers face challenges achieving consistent firmness and meltability. Innophos has developed Textur-Melt® NM69 a specialty blend of emulsifier salts that help achieve consistent textural and melt characteristics that closely mimic traditional processed cheese and help ensure a moist final product, all while helping to support manufacturers' commitment to the environment by aiding in food waste reduction efforts.

To combat the issue of food waste, many brands are repurposing ingredients that might otherwise be discarded in a practice known as upcycling. Mintel’s 2024 Food & Drink Trends reports that upcycling has grown in popularity with consumers seeking “greener” products. As consumer attitudes evolve, manufacturers are stepping up and seeking solutions like upcycling to help reduce waste in their operations. Data from the Upcycled Food Association cites that food waste contributes to approximately 8% of global GHG emissions. Upcycling offers a powerful tool for sustainable food waste management, assisting companies in reducing carbon footprints and production costs, but manufacturers face many challenges in creating consistent products from upcycled raw materials.

With our deep understanding of how to optimize the physical, chemical, and sensorial properties of cheese, Innophos is uniquely positioned to help manufacturers develop upcycled cheese that is both delicious and authentic to traditional processed cheese,” said Amr Shaheed, Technical Service Manager, Innophos. He added, “we have developed a new solution that results in less than a 10% difference in meltability between an upcycled and a traditional processed cheese. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to creating science-backed solutions that help our customers deliver the highest quality products to their consumers.”

Explore upcycled cheese solutions from Innophos and learn more about other food waste reduction strategies.



Date Published: 4th March 2024

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