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19th February 2024  Content supplied by: Ingood By Olga

Ingood by Olga is Future-proofing Food With its Nutritious and Sustainable Plant-based Ingredients.

Ingood by Olga: born from the desire to offer the best of our materials
Ingood by Olga is the business unit dedicated to ingredients of the Olga group (formerly known as Triballat Noyal), a family-owned company from Brittany. Since it was founded in 2015 under the name of Triballat Ingrédients, we have been driven by a strong desire to develop the group's different sectors, and it has been a critical component of the Olga family. Its offering has always been of the highest quality for all manufacturers in France and Europe that have chosen to speed up and support food and ecological transitions.

In 2022, we changed our name to Ingood by Olga, a contraction of «Ingredients» and «Good,» which reminds us that we are daily guided by our purpose: To offer the best of our materials in respect of our ecosystems and with boldness. "Olga" evokes the name of the company's founder, Olga Triballat, who instilled a pioneering and innovative spirit into the company.

Our mission supports the idea that to do good, we must first do right: for the environment, ecosystems, staff, and customers. This holistic approach to business dovetails with sustainable development, a dynamic to which we are fully committed today, as evidenced by the company's exemplary ISO 26000 certification (CSR label), one of the highest certifications to be awarded.

Ingood's ingredients are what make the difference in a product
We manufacture and offer three ranges of natural plant-based ingredients for the nutrition, food, and nutraceutical markets. Our offering comprises plant-based Nutri-functional and health ingredients for B2B players wishing to commit to food and social transitions.

Our range of plant-based ingredients addresses the need to formulate healthy, environmentally sustainable ingredients.

Our range of nutri-functional ingredients includes

  • Pea protein hydrolysate Peptipea®
  • Soy fibers Sojyfib®, derived from soy seed residues called okara, a co-product of our Group's soy drinks production
  • Peakara® a complete source of essential amino acids from pea protein.

Each ingredient is produced using a sustainable approach that curbs waste and material losses, and we are also working on several upcycling projects. Our ingredients are made in our factory in Brittany using raw materials of European origin.

We also play a part in the nutraceutical market with Sulfodyne®, the only broccoli seed extract to contain active and stable sulforaphane, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that address several health benefits such as detox, women's health, or immunity.

As the market need for plant-based solutions grows yearly, we are focused on anticipating change and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

To this end, we have collaboratively written our long-term vision, resulting in an active commitment to the food and social transition for 2035 (and beyond).

Our Vision 2035: Innovate by taking an active part in the food and social transition
Ingood by Olga is a growth driver for the Olga Group's B2B activity and an essential feature of its export strategy. Our ambition is to pursue our development in France and abroad and to develop new plant-based ingredients with an acute awareness of the environmental impacts and a solid determination to make it sustainable.

Improve indulgence in nutritional plant-based products.
One of our roadmap objectives is to be a true partner to our customers in this transition, helping them to develop healthy and tasty products.

At Ingood, we are committed to better nutrition through plant-based foods, and we believe that good nutrition starts with taste. We also believe that only by offering indulgent products will we be able to achieve the goal of a shift towards more plant-based nutrition.

Indeed, with more than half of consumers globally saying they aren't willing to compromise on indulgence for healthier food [1], Taste and indulgence are more important than ever for plant-based products: 37% of global consumers who buy such products are concerned about the aftertaste of high-protein snacks [2].

We are building on the historical expertise of the Olga Group, which pioneered the plant-based sector in 1988 by launching the first plant-based alternatives to dairy desserts in France with soy-based desserts under the Sojasun brand and has a deep technical knowledge that has made its plant-based products more acceptable to the consumers. We manufacture and are still developing a range of plant-based ingredients that combine indulgence and health. These nutritional and functional ingredients do not affect the organoleptic qualities of the products in different market segments.

This is a strength of the Peakara® product. This plant-based protein is a complete source of highly digestible essential amino acids from pea protein with a neutral and balanced taste that doesn't require masking off-notes or aftertastes. Our R&D team is fully committed to this approach. It is working closely with our customers in our laboratory on different food and nutritional application concepts to incorporate our ingredients into various plant-based applications without affecting taste.

We also target specialised nutrition, such as food supplements, to break down the acceptance barrier for plant-based products. With more than one in three consumers claiming to be proactive in preventing health issues [4], the nutraceuticals market will continue to grow over the next few years.

We provide plant-based ingredients with effective, scientifically proven health benefits that help improve the quality of life, such as Sulfodyne® a broccoli seed extract directly titrated in active sulforaphane, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that address several health benefits such as detox, women's health, or immunity. We are working on various plant-based health ingredients to meet market needs.

Go greener and more sustainable with our plant-based ingredients.
A crucial part of our roadmap is to take our environmental commitment one step further. We have written a sustainability charter based on clean processes and a sustainable sourcing model.

Almost half the world's population is fed by three cereals - rice, maize, and wheat [3]. To contribute to biodiversity, we are developing different ingredients from various complementary plant sources (legumes, cereals, herbs, cruciferous plants) sourced sustainably in Europe.

At Ingood by Olga, we strongly desire to reduce our impact and food waste in order to move towards a circular model. We are working on valorizing co-products from our group, our production, and potential local partners. With a CAGR of +72% in food & beverage launches with a food waste/upcycling claim in Europe between 2017-2021 [5], we are responding to market needs with our upcycled ingredients Sojyfib® and Peakara® with others to come.

We are focused more than ever on our carbon footprint and continue to work on it. With 69% of European consumers looking for reduced carbon footprint/carbon footprint claims when purchasing food and drink products [6], being plant-based is no longer enough for a product to be sustainable - it must be proven. We need to take this approach a step further and offer solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact.

After the first phase of taking stock of the carbon footprint of our ingredients from sourcing to customers, we are now working to improve it by offering solutions that improve the carbon footprint of finished products. Beyond our ingredients, we believe in a whole model of sustainable development - still to be perfected - that we want to share generously around us. Everyone can now participate in the food transition in a very positive spirit!

Committed ingredients, committed team
Finally, producing excellent and sustainable ingredients is possible at Ingood by Olga because we believe that everyone is essential, like each ingredient in a recipe, and we care about everyone's well-being.

We believe mental health is as important as physical health, and we prioritize well-being at work. We take care to maintain a balance between our professional and private lives by committing ourselves to the Personal & Professional Balance Charter, which we have written together, but also by introducing participative management and, with a view to continuous improvement, by monitoring the quality of working life indicators through an annual questionnaire.

Find out more on our website or use the Request Information button below to contact the company directly.


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Date Published: 19th February 2024

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