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Hygiena’s Allergen Detection Tests for Soy in Support of HACCP Protocols

Hygiena recently introduced a new ultra-sensitive allergen detection test for soy, with other allergen tests to follow shortly, in support of increasingly stringent HACCP protocols. The heightened performance of the new lateral flow test, AlerTox Sticks Soy PLUS, allows food operators to detect allergen residues as low as 1.5 ppm in food products, liquids, and environmental samples.

Food allergies are recognized as a growing problem in most countries, and as such, food operators must not only identify undisclosed allergens and inadvertent allergen cross-contamination as a component of their food safety plan, but they must have sound justification for their adopted test sensitivity thresholds.

Recent demand for increased test sensitivity for at-risk products and populations has led the company to introduce an ultra-sensitive allergen detection line.

“Hygiena is proud to be a leader in the food safety industry. As such, we work diligently to provide the optimal tools to support the latest HACCP best practices. Toward that end, our new and rapidly expanding AlerTox Sticks PLUS range provides maximum sensitivity for the most stringent SOPs. They prevent cross-contamination during food processing and provide reassurance of food quality, integrity, and public health safety practices,” commented Steven Nason, CEO of Hygiena.

Hygiena offers a broad range of validated matrices for the AlerTox Sticks line, including sesame and all the top allergens requiring testing. Moreover, the company manufactures industry-leading AlerTox ELISA detection assays for allergen quantification and method validation.

Allergens That Can Be Detected with AlerTox® Sticks


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Date Published: 11th January 2023

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