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12th April 2023  Content supplied by: Loryma GmbH

High-protein Crispies Lory® IsoCrisp Now Available in Wheat Variant

Ingredients specialist Loryma is expanding its Lory® IsoCrisp range with a variant made from wheat. The extruded crispies are low in sugar but rich in protein. This means they not only add a pleasant crunch to biscuits, bars, muesli, and granola, as well as other snacks but also provide a plant protein boost. The new Lory® IsoCrisp variety is made from European wheat, has a neutral taste, and can be individually flavoured.

The crispy, round extruded product consists of wheat protein, wheat starch, rice flour, and cocoa powder. As a result, the new variant contains little sugar and saturated fatty acids and has a protein content of 71g per 100g. The vegan, tasteless crispies are suitable for end products in the high-protein, low-carb, and sports nutrition segments, among others. Manufacturers can also offer the protein-rich crispies, which have a diameter of about two millimetres, in their original form – for example, as crunchy highlights for muesli.

Marjolijn van Daalen, Research & Development Manager Extruded Products of the Crespel & Deiters Group, points out: “Health awareness among the population is growing steadily, and high-protein and plant-based are very important trends for consumers. Manufacturers can meet all these needs with our new Lory® IsoCrisp offering and add a delicious crunch to confectionery, cereals, baked goods, and healthy nutritional products.”

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Date Published: 12th April 2023

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