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21st February 2022  Content supplied by: Helaina

Helaina is Using Fermentation to Create a New Category of Infant Milk

Helaina was founded on the belief that breastfeeding should not define the health of a child or the worth of a parent. In creating a new category of infant milk, Helaina will give parents the freedom of choice in feeding their infant. By utilizing precision fermentation, Helaina is creating infant milk with natural, immuno-beneficial proteins that are identical to those found in breast milk.

Helaina is on a mission to ignite long-term change in the infant milk category. In recreating proteins found in human milk that are known for immune benefits, Helaina will empower parents by providing an immuno-identical alternative to breastfeeding. This will radically change the dated narrative around infant nutrition and provide a tool to improve health outcomes for formula-fed infants.

In leveraging fermentation to unlock functional proteins that are clinically proven to boost immunity, Helaina will equip parents to provide infants with crucial antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that traditional formula lacks. In the future, Helaina plans to expand the use of its proteins in a variety of consumer products for all populations.

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Date Published: 21st February 2022

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