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2nd November 2023  Content supplied by: MycoTechnology Inc

Harnessing Fungi and Fermentation Technology to Enhance Nutrition

Mushroom mycelial fermentation is a natural technology that mimics the symbiosis seen in nature between fungi and plants. In the forest, fungi help to transform organic material and allow plants absorb more nutrients from their environment so they can thrive. In MycoTechnology's fermentation facility, fungi work in a few notable ways to deliver the same benefits to plant-based foods.

  • First, the mycelial fermentation of plant proteins breaks down anti-nutrients common to these ingredients, resulting in FermentIQ™ PTP, a pea and rice protein blend that is 99.9% digestible.
  • Second, the fermentation process reduces harsh off-notes like green, beany, and astringent flavors, that typically limit protein inclusion levels. With a more neutral sensory profile and enhanced functional attributes - such as solubility and emulsion capacity- fermented plant proteins can be included at higher rates so that plant-based dairy alternatives and protein beverages can pack more protein into a serving size and deliver true nutritional value to consumers.
  • Finally, the mycelial fermentation process also yields novel flavor modifiers that pair perfectly with plant-based foods to enhance desirable umami flavors and suppress proteinaceous off-notes. By including ClearIQ™ natural flavor in formulation, firms are able to pack more positive ingredients - such as proteins, fibers and vitamins - into products and minimize the amount of salt and sugar used to cover up harsh off-notes.

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Date Published: 2nd November 2023

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