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2nd May 2024  Content supplied by: Givaudan

Givaudan’s ThinkBlue™ Ingredient Supports Cognitive Performance in Older Adults

A new study published in Nutrients shows that the wild blueberry extract in ThinkBlue™ supports cognitive performance in healthy older adults (ages 68-75).

  • ThinkBlue™ is a patented, low-dose, wild blueberry formulation with high polyphenol levels.
  • The two studies were conducted by Givaudan and the University of Reading (UK)

In a newly published study in Nutrients, ‘Wild blueberry extract intervention in healthy older adults: A multi-study, randomised, controlled, investigation of acute cognitive and cardiovascular effects,’ the wild blueberry ingredient in ThinkBlue™ has been shown to support cognitive performance in a healthy older adult population (ages 68-75).1

About ThinkBlue™
Givaudan’s ThinkBlue™ is a patented, low-dose, wild blueberry formulation, which has been standardised to high levels of polyphenols.

Ageing and cognitive change
The scientific literature shows that cognitive change is part of the normal process of ageing – with reasoning, memory, and processing speed declining gradually over time.2 A systematic review of more than 30 studies of all-cause mild cognitive impairment (MCI) reported that about 17% of people age 65 and older had MCI. Givaudan’s pioneering ThinkBlue™ has shown to support cognitive wellbeing, and improve episodic memory.1

Details of the two new studies
Givaudan and the University of Reading (UK) conducted two new studies as follows:
Study 1: investigated the efficacy of wild blueberry extract (WBE) in maintaining executive functioning (EF) and episodic memory (EM) throughout the day alongside measures of cardiovascular outcomes in healthy older adults. A range of WBE doses was utilised to identify the optimal dose at which cognitive and cardiovascular effects occur.

Study 2: looked at replicating the alleviation of cognitive decline during a predicted post-lunch dip, while also improving cardiovascular outcomes following acute WBE 222 mg supplementation.

Key findings:

  • Study 1: A significant dip in executive function was apparent at the four-hour time point for placebo only, indicating attenuation for wild blueberry extract doses. Strikingly, WBE of 222 mg produced acute significant reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared with placebo.1
  • Study 2: Executive function reaction time was found to be significantly faster for WBE of 222 mg compared to placebo at the predicted post-lunch dip (2 PM).1

Global consumers are seeking effective, natural solutions for maintaining their cognitive function as they age. Givaudan’s ThinkBlue™ may help to improve episodic memory and support cognitive performance if consumed daily at the recommended dosage.

To find out more, access the study abstract here. For more information on ThinkBlue™ please contact Givaudan using the request information button below or visit



Date Published: 2nd May 2024

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