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10th November 2022  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

First Milk Agrees New Whey Partnership with Arla Foods Ingredients

British dairy co-operative, First Milk, has announced that it has agreed a new partnership with Arla Foods Ingredients to produce a specialist whey protein powder at its Lake District Creamery.

Protein enrichment of food remains a growing consumer trend. The innovative patented microparticulate whey protein concentrate product, Nutrilac® FO-7875, developed by Arla Foods Ingredients, is used as an ingredient to enhance the level of protein in food and drink products whilst retaining texture and taste.

First Milk will manufacture Nutrilac® FO-7875 on behalf of Arla Foods Ingredients using the company’s proprietary process, with Arla Foods Ingredients marketing and selling the product internationally. In addition, First Milk will continue to manufacture whey protein concentrate powder, WPC80, and market it through its existing partnership.

Commenting on the partnership, Shelagh Hancock, Chief Executive of First Milk, said: “We are delighted to agree this new collaboration with Arla Foods Ingredients, which will deliver real value for both co-operatives. Over the last few years, we have completed a significant investment programme across our operations, which means that we are wellplaced to expand the range of high-quality, specialist products we can efficiently manufacture. We see this type of collaboration as key to our success, enabling our members to be part of the worldwide dairy supply chain, enriching life to secure a positive future for all.”

Henrik Andersen, Chief Executive of Arla Foods Ingredients, added: “This is a new kind of partnership for us, and a very exciting one, especially at a time when demand for high-quality protein solutions has never been greater. Manufacturing speciality whey protein products requires both expertise and a commitment to the highest standards, both of which First Milk shares with us. We look forward to working together to help meet the growing consumer need for protein-enriched products.”

Use Nutrilac® protein solutions to substitute eggs, enhance texture, incorporate air, and improve moistness and freshness in your bakery products.

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Date Published: 10th November 2022

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