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7th September 2023  Product update: Innocent Meat GmbH

FBS-free Medium Specially Designed for Porcine Primary Cells

Innocent Meat has developed a proprietary, FBS-free medium for the cultivation of porcine primary (muscle) cells, which is a key requirement for the production of cultured pork by cellular agriculture.

Instead of using Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS), the traditional cell culture source of growth factors, Innocent Meat has developed its own growth factors through molecular farming techniques to address the sustainability, consistent quality and supply issues associated with FBS.

The Innocent Meat method cultivates stem cells in systems resembling beer tanks. Having perfected the art of instructing these cells to transform into authentic muscle and fat tissue by fostering their growth to the required biomass level. This innovation overcomes the historical difficulties associated with differentiating precursor cells for pork muscle and fat.



Date Published: 7th September 2023

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