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28th October 2021  Content supplied by: Entotrust

How the ENTOTRUST Logo Can Encourage More Consumers to Try Insects

Approximately 30% of the population would gladly introduce insect food into their diet, while 70% are very reluctant or doubtful regarding this cultural change. ENTOTRUST can help to convince them. 

ENTOTRUST is a certification for insect foods that allows producers to guarantee the environmental and social sustainability and safety of their products. Adding the ENTOTRUST logo to the packaging of insect products is a competitive advantage, for three reasons:

  • it guarantees superior quality compared to other producers
  • it encourages consumers to try insect food and remain loyal to the brand
  • it provides extra assurance for retailers’ listings and investors funding.

Basically The ENTOTRUST certification is achieved with an assessment of products and operations that, when necessary, also provides recommendations for improvements on quality and environmental footprint.’

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Date Published: 28th October 2021

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