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10th April 2024  Content supplied by: Gelita AG

Enhancing Endurance: GELITA's Innovative Collagen Peptides

At Vitafoods Europe, GELITA will present:

  • PeptENDURE®, the first collagen protein for enhanced endurance performance.
  • VERISOL®, a scientifically proven beauty from within ingredient, will be showcased.
  • EASYSEAL®, a pharmaceutical-grade gelatin, will help reduce leakage in soft capsule production.
  • Visitors can attend presentations by GELITA experts to learn more about the company’s collagen and gelatin solutions.

GELITA returns to this year’s Vitafoods Europe (14-16 May, Geneva) with a pioneering ingredient solution in its portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®).

With PeptENDURE®, the collagen innovation leader will showcase the first collagen protein for enhanced endurance performance. As the official collagen sponsor of the show, GELITA will also present VERISOL®, a scientifically proven beauty from within ingredient, alongside its pharmaceutical-grade gelatin EASYSEAL®, which helps to reduce leakage in soft capsule production.

Visitors to Vitafoods are invited to attend three presentations by GELITA experts who will reveal exclusive insights into the company’s collagen and gelatin solutions.

Perform better and longer with PeptENDURE®
As the first collagen protein solution for improved endurance performance, PeptENDURE® will take centre stage at Vitafoods. Instead of a short-term energy boost, the performance ingredient can ensure long-term adaptive change in the muscle, thus supporting sustained peak performance.

To learn more about supplements for improved endurance, visitors are invited to attend a talk by Dr Ulrike Braun, Manager Scientific Affairs & Communication at GELITA, at the Vitafoods Conference stage on Tuesday, 14 May, at 11:40pm.

VERISOL®: The trusted ingredient for beauty from within
GELITA will also showcase VERISOL®, its Bioactive Collagen Peptides specifically optimized to support beauty from within. It stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, resulting in improved hair, nail and skin health, and a reduction in wrinkles and cellulite. Scientific evidence confirms the efficacy and safety of these BCP®, which is why leading brands worldwide rely on VERISOL®.

EASYSEAL®: Reducing soft capsule leakage
The line-up will be completed by EASYSEAL®, a pharmaceutical-grade softgel gelatin that improves capsule seams and helps reduce leakage. This results in improved production processes, cost savings and increased efficiency. For a deeper dive into the softgel production revolution, manufacturers can explore the benefits of EASYSEAL® during a presentation by Jessica Pfoehler, Global Marketing & Innovation Management, and Dr Ulrich Mach, Application Technology & Product Development, on Wednesday, 15 May, at 1pm in the New Ingredient Theatre.

Visitors to Vitafoods will also have the opportunity to listen to a presentation about GELITA’s latest special collagen peptides formulation with exceptional binding properties for the creation of sugar-free, high-protein products such as cereal and soft bars.

Natalie Leuwer, Category Manager Food Specialities, and Sophie Brand, Application Technology and Product Development, will reveal the potential of this novel ingredient on Wednesday, 15 May, at 3pm in the New Ingredients Theatre.

GELITA Health, GELITA’s subsidiary and expert for customized products for private label customers, will also be present at booth E96.

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Date Published: 10th April 2024

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