Ingood by Olga PEPTIPEA replaces gelatin in confectionery applications

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1st February 2023  Editorial by: newprotein staff writer

EFSA Podcast Considers - Is it Crunch Time for Insects?

In January 2023, following a stringent assessment by EFSA, the European Commission authorised the placing on the market of a fourth insect, Alphitobius diaperionus (lesser mealworm), as a food.

And so, it would seem insects, and ingredients derived from insects, are moving closer to commercial availability in Europe.

Does this appeal to you?

How does EFSA formulate an opinion on the safety of novel foods?

Join EFSA for this episode of Science on the Menu Podcast, where EFSA's expert Ermolaos Ververis explains.



Date Published: 1st February 2023

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