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24th April 2023  Content supplied by: DSM

DSM Launches New Plant Power Toolkit

Royal DSM, a global, purpose-led, science-based company, today unveils an extensive, functional ingredients toolkit for plant-based fermented products, like yogurt alternatives. The toolkit includes four new, specifically designed starter cultures and five ready-to-use consumer concepts. The new concepts showcase how the toolkit can be used to develop new plant-based fermented products across a variety of plant-based substrates with fine-tuned taste, texture, and health properties. DSM’s Plant Power Toolkit empowers producers by taking the complexity out of formulating plant-based fermented products so they can bring quality products to market – faster.

Bridging the plant-based fermented products gap in taste, texture, and nutrition The global market for plant-based dairy alternatives is worth €18 billion and is growing by 4.5% annually.[1] Despite these promising projections, consumers want more when it comes to the taste, texture, and health properties of plant-based fermented products. In fact, 44% of European consumers stated that better taste or reduced aftertaste would improve their plant-based yogurt experience, and 35% of US consumers said a creamier texture would also do this.[2] Also, 67% of European consumers are concerned about missing out on important nutrients when consuming dairy alternatives instead of dairy products.[2]

As specialists in dairy and plant-based fermentation, we’re excited to offer innovative solutions to help brands excel in this dynamic market and co-create exceptional products,” comments Neleke van Nieuwenhuijzen, Global Product Application Expert, Fermented Plant Solutions, DSM. “The Plant Power toolkit’s new cultures and ready-to-use concepts will further enable manufacturers to meet evolving consumer preferences. And we’re not stopping here; keep an eye out for further additions to the portfolio as our team of experts work to improve the taste, texture, and health of plant-based fermented products.”

Creating simplified enjoyment for all

The Plant Power Toolkit features enzymes, cultures, hydrocolloids, proteins, nutritional solutions, and ready-to-use concepts to simplify the challenging stages of application design.

For starch-containing bases like oat, the design process starts with creating the optimal base for fermentation with Delvo®Plant enzymes. DSM's new Delvo®Plant cultures allow manufacturers to achieve the desired mildness and freshness, as well as building texture and smoothness in a variety of bases such as coconut, canola, oat, pea, and soy. DSM’s hydrocolloids, GELLANEER™ gellan gums, and pectins can further contribute to fine-tuning the mouthfeel, creaminess, shininess, and stability over shelf life.

Many plant-based fermented products fall short of the nutritional profile common in their dairy-based counterparts, particularly with protein, calcium, and B vitamins. This new toolkit makes it possible to close this nutritional gap and innovate through added health benefits. The toolkit’s nutritional solutions – including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and more – are specially designed for plant-based fermented products. The portfolio also offers already trialed concepts based on popular substrates like coconut, canola, oat, pea, and soy and removes the need for siloed ingredient testing or extensive R&D resource to improve the go-to-market speed. The new toolkit ensures customers are supported by DSM’s expertise and technical support through every step of the process. It aims to help manufacturers navigate the complex plant-based landscape with a reliable, one-stop-shop solutions partner.

For more information on DSM’s new Plant Power Toolkit, including the latest culture innovations and consumer concepts, click here or connect with DSM using the green "Request Information" button below.


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Date Published: 24th April 2023

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