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26th September 2023  Content supplied by: DSM-Firmenich AG

dsm-firmenich Launches Delvo®Fresh Pioneer Yogurt Starter Cultures

dsm-firmenich, a global leader in nutrition, health, and beauty, has launched Delvo®Fresh Pioneer - a new generation of starter cultures for very mild yogurts. Enabling exceptional pH stability during processing and throughout shelf life, this launch addresses yogurt manufacturers’ need for high-quality ingredients, stable production processes, and consistent mildness throughout shelf life. Part of dsm-firmenich’s toolkit for fermented dairy, this range is the result of the company’s biotechnology expertise and commitment to purpose-led science. With this generation of cultures, yogurt pH is extremely stable for up to 60 days in cold storage, representing a significant improvement compared to other cultures for mild yogurt recipes.

Consistency is key

The fermented milk market continues to grow and is expected to reach a value of approximately EUR 100 billion by 2027. 1 With this growth comes an increased need to ensure consistency during production, mitigating unwanted variations in taste, texture and overall yogurt characteristics. Parallel to this, many consumers are turning to premium retail products, with 59% of people regularly enjoying indulgent treats such as mild yogurts. 2 For fermented dairy manufacturers, the pressure is on to provide indulgent eating experiences and ensure taste and texture stay the same on shelf. As such, there is a need for a new generation of starter cultures that combine quality, consistency, and pH stability.

Cultures fit for purpose

Designed by dsm-firmenich experts, Delvo®Fresh Pioneer starter cultures offer modern dairy manufacturers remarkable flexibility to create various mild yogurt recipes with optimal consistency in taste, texture, and quality from batch to batch. Guaranteeing a delicious, smooth, creamy yogurt throughout its shelf life gives consumers the confidence they will enjoy a great-tasting indulgence – every time.

Delvo®Fresh Pioneer cultures lead to significant and measurable reductions in post-acidification compared to other mild cultures. The significant pH stability is even more apparent with more challenging storage conditions, such as higher temperatures.

The new cultures are ideal for high-value recipes such as smooth, creamy yogurts and mild, reduced sugar yogurts with a ‘better-for-you’ appeal.

We’re investing heavily in culture development as we know the possibilities are near limitless, and more taste, texture, and health benefits are out there to discover. These new cultures complement our fermented dairy toolkit of starter, bioprotective and probiotic cultures, enzymes, hydrocolloid, and nutritional solutions,” comments Karoline Kjaerulff, Global Business Development Manager, Fermented Milk & Plant, dsm-firmenich.

The new Delvo®Fresh Pioneer cultures give yogurt manufacturers the tools needed to produce delicious, mild yogurt – consistently. The ideal pH stability enabled by these new cultures is what sets them apart, and for dairy manufacturers, consistency and flexibility really are key to success. This launch was made possible by our biotechnology powerhouse, which brings together renowned scientists, application experts, and cutting-edge technology to solve the food industry’s biggest challenges.”

Learn more about the full capabilities of the Delvo®Fresh Pioneer portfolio and its potential to optimize yogurt production; or connect directly with dsm-firmenich using the green button below.



Date Published: 26th September 2023

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