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6th December 2023  Content supplied by: Divaks UAB

Divaks Unveiled Innovative Texturized Insect Protein at Fi Europe

Lithuanian insect producer Divaks has introduced their newest development at FI Europe - Texturized Insect Protein. This novelty ingredient is developed by combining whole insect powder derived from yellow mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) and pea proteins, creating a hybrid protein ingredient offering all essential amino acids, great water binding capacity and wide applicability.

Textured insect protein is a game-changer, serving as an alternative or extension for meat products like burger patties, meatballs, fillings, or toppings for savoury dishes and ready meals. This ingredient combines functionality, and sustainability and elevates the nutritional profile while maintaining the flavours and textures which consumers love.

Key features of texturized insect protein:

  • Meat-like texture: Upon hydration, this remarkable ingredient transforms into a mouthwatering, juicy, and delightfully chewy texture, mirroring the satisfying qualities of traditional meat products.
  • Meat-like flavour: Experience a subtle, clean flavour profile that naturally emulates the rich taste of red meat, enhanced by delicate umami undertones.
  • Nutrition excellence: Texturized insect protein delivers a nutritional powerhouse. It's a source of complete proteins, providing all essential amino acids. Additionally, it boasts healthy animal-origin fats and high levels of dietary fibre.
  • High functionality: The ingredient exhibits high value and rapid water-binding capabilities, ensuring optimal moisture retention and distribution in a wide range of applications.
  • Sustainability at its core: Insect proteins are produced through environmentally friendly methods with a significantly smaller ecological footprint when compared to traditional protein sources.

To find out more - visit the the Divaks website here on click on the Request Information button below to contact the supplier directly.



Date Published: 6th December 2023

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