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20th June 2022  Content supplied by: IMCD Group

Discover IMCD's New Pilot Plant for Meat, Fish and Plant-Based Foods

IMCD Food & Nutrition has launched a pilot plant dedicated to the development of meat, fish & plant-based food formulations for the EMEA region.

“This facility reinforces the company's strategy of investing in infrastructure that enables the partnership with food and beverage manufactures in order to co-create formulations that meet their needs and main market trends”, said Marc van Gerwen, IMCD Food & Nutrition Business Group Director.“With this investment IMCD consolidates its position as a reliable and proactive partner that offers global knowledge and local expertise through its facilities and highly capable team of experts,” added van Gerwen.

With the expressive growth in demand for plant-based products, especially in Europe – a region that has some of the largest markets globally for meat alternatives according to Innova Market Insights, IMCD is eager to explore new food possibilities with its partners and inspire the future’s menu, for a healthier and more sustainable future.

About the new Pilot Plant: Meat, Fish & Plant-based

Equipped with industry-referenced processing and analytical capabilities, the new facility will serve customers in the co-creation of applications around minced meat, emulsified meat, and plant-based analogs. When it comes to meat, seafood, and fish analogs, a dedicated team of food experts will be advising on the usage of masking flavours, proteins, fibers, and the mimicking of long fibrous texture, creating thus meat analogs that will defy the senses of consumers.

“The new Pilot Plant will help our customers to accelerate their product development process for meat, fish (including seafood), and savoury plant-based alternatives. It also offers customers the opportunity to carry out application trials in an environment similar to their own operations”, said Michel Faes, Global Technical Director at IMCD Food & Nutrition. “Our food experts are ready to keep our customers up to date on key market trends, providing them with insights and support for all their formulation challenges around plant-based, better nutrition, and sustainability,” added Faes.

IMCD Food & Nutrition now has 24 laboratories, three of which are centres of excellence, and five market-specific pilot plants situated in key locations across the globe, with a local dedicated team ready to support customers with their local needs.

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Date Published: 20th June 2022

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