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3rd March 2021  Product update: new protein staff writer

Designer Sweet Protein to Replace Sugar in Cranberry Juice

Ocean Spray has announced a partnership with Amai Proteins in an effort to incorporate healthy, sweet proteins into the product portfolio.

Through joint development agreements, Ocean Spray and Amai Proteins plan to develop cranberry juice with at least a 40% sugar reduction, offering consumers more ways to incorporate cranberry into a healthier lifestyle.

Amai Proteins' innovative sugar-reduction solution is a hyper-sweet protein that is thousands of times sweeter than sugar.

Through computational protein design, Amai Proteins has redesigned sweet proteins to fit the requirements of the market, including temperature and acid stability for better shelf-life, great taste and affordable cost. The resulting designer proteins are 100% protein and expected to be a healthy, tasty, sweetening solution.

Ocean Spray is partnering with Amai Proteins in this ground-breaking designer protein research to continue to provide great tasting and lower caloric solutions for people worldwide, leveraging the best that technology has to offer.  

The reduced sugar cranberry juice offering will continue to extend Ocean Spray's tradition of bringing good-tasting and healthful products to consumers without compromising the goodness and bold taste of the cranberry. 

Additionally, Ocean Spray and Amai Proteins are excited to continue their partnership to develop and apply learnings to additional Ocean Spray products in the future.  This is a significant milestone for Ocean Spray and the beverage industry.  Many other companies are working to remove sugar and maintain taste but tend to fall short on flavour. 



Date Published: 3rd March 2021

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