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29th May 2024  Content supplied by: CX Bio

Cx Bio's Bioprocess Equipment Explorer: A Tool for Techno-economic Analysis

  • Conducting accurate techno-economic analyses (TEAs) for a fermentation process requires access to detailed information about specialized equipment.
  • The Cx Bio database is designed to help researchers, founders, and entrepreneurs estimate the equipment purchase cost of their processes in the early stages of project development.
  • The Cx Bio database includes vessels, homogenizers, centrifuges, dryers, evaporators, and filtration systems, along with details such as suitability, capacity, and price point.


Fermentation is an integral part of biotechnology, powering the production of a wide array of valuable bioproducts—from pharmaceuticals and biofuels to alternative proteins and beyond. Yet, navigating the complexities of fermentation and conducting accurate techno-economic analyses (TEAs) requires access to detailed information about specialized equipment. Cx Bio is proud to introduce our Bioprocess Equipment Explorer, a comprehensive resource tailored to meet the needs of researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals alike.

Why the Equipment Database?
Fermentation processes rely heavily on specialized equipment, each contributing to the efficiency and scalability of production. However, obtaining accurate information on fermentation equipment specifications, costs, and performance metrics can be challenging and time-consuming. Our Equipment Database addresses this gap by providing transparent, up-to-date data on process equipment. By sharing such information, we aim to promote collaboration and innovation within the biotech community.

What is the Database?
The Bioprocess Equipment Explorer was collected by the Cx Bio team from literature and market research. It provides detailed information on a wide range and scale of fermentation and downstream processing equipment, such as bioreactors, centrifuges, and high-pressure homogenizers. Users can explore equipment prices and power consumption at different equipment scales and more, all curated to facilitate informed decision-making and streamline the TEA development process. By leveraging the data available in our database, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors can estimate capital and operational expenses, evaluate process economics, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Date Published: 29th May 2024

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