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14th December 2020  Product update: NETZSCH Holding

NETZSCH Condux Compact Ensures Same Explosion Proof Protection With 80% Less Space

In food processing, grinding produces potentially explosive dusts. Most grinding systems are built with safety standards that withstand a pressure shock up to an explosion of 10 bar(g). That, however, is associated with greater space requirements and investments.

To overcome this, NETZSCH has developed the ATEX-compliant Condux® Compact plant concept, that can achieve the same level of safety without the need of several components, such as explosion protection valves, explosion suppression devices, explosion isolators, fans and even conventional dust filter systems.

The result is a more compact grinding system that requires 80% less space and 30% less investment than standard grinding plants with the same throughput capacity.

The system is equipped with a newly developed CycloFil cyclone filter that integrates pre-separation of the grinding stock and the recirculation of the process gas, reducing the filter area by over 90%. The CycloFil cyclone filter dissipates the supplied energy via the product and the system surface, so no additional cooling is required.

For example, the expected temperature increase of ground powdered sugar is normally in the range of 10-25°C. In many cases, this has no impact on the quality or the downstream process, but for particularly temperature-sensitive products, the system can be additionally cooled with liquid nitrogen.

The grinding system can be integrated more easily into existing production systems thanks to the minimal space requirements, and food contact surfaces are easily accessible and cleanable.

The basis machine of this grinding system is the Impact Mill Condux®, which is available as either a blast mill, pin-disc mill or wing-beater mill, for use in a wide variety of products and final finenesses.

Unlike conventional grinding plants, the processing gas in the Impact Mill Condux® Compact streams in a circular motion. The product is fed directly to the mill via a pressure-shock-resistant rotary valve and discharged after the grinding process via an air-locked separator. A subsequent aspiration system generates the vacuum needed to stabilise the system pressure.

The System won the Food Tech Innovation Award confirmed at Fi Europe, as the most innovative technical processing solution for food ingredients.



Date Published: 14th December 2020

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