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11th May 2022  Product update: Newprotein Staff Writer

Clean Label Protein for Meal Kit Subscription Companies

Improved Nature has a new offering for meal kit subscription companies. Dehydrated, neutral flavored Nature’s PRIME products are available now in 4 oz. packages with the option to choose from a variety of four different plant-based protein shapes.

The 4 oz. packages of Nature’s PRIME products have been specifically designed for meal kit subscription companies to offer to customers as a healthy plant-based meat alternative in recipes. The company’s innovative and proprietary process turns non-GMO soy protein into plant-based food that replicates the texture and experience of eating meat.

After boiling, a 4 oz. package of Nature’s PRIME equates to approximately 1.25 pounds of protein, making it perfect for two-person or four-person meal kits. The products fit well within the 30-minute preparation times that most meal kit companies already provide with recipes. Once rehydrated, Nature’s PRIME products can be spiced, marinated, or seasoned and added to any recipe for a seamless meat replacement.

“Nature’s PRIME products deliver complete protein with a clean label that meal kit companies and their customers will appreciate,” said President and CEO of Improved Nature, Dr. Rody Hawkins. “Our plant-based protein is also offered at a great value per serving price point. Even better – once Nature’s PRIME products are cooked, they can last for up to three days in the refrigerator for easy leftovers.”

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Date Published: 11th May 2022

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