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15th August 2021  Product update: Turtletree Labs

The Most Important Milk Protein Is About To Become Much Cheaper and Sustainable

As a milk protein, lactoferrin doesn't get the same publicity as whey and casein. But considering its long list of benefits for human health, it may as well be the unsung hero of dairy.

Human milk, colostrum in particular, has the highest concentration of lactoferrin. In infant nutrition, this protein acts as a potent antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic that fights infections and builds the immune system. It's an excellent supplement for adults too, as it binds easily with iron, helping its absorption. There is also evidence suggesting that it may play a protective role against Covid-19.

In baby formulas, however, it's hardly present. Its extraction process from cow milk - where concentration is much lower, is complex and costly, making it one of the most expensive dairy ingredients on the market. 

In this gap, TurtleTree Labs - a biotechnology company based in Singapore - saw the opportunity to use cell-based technology to recreate lactoferrin from the blueprint of human milk and make it more accessible to everyone.

TurtleTree selects the most viable mammary cells, grows them with a proprietary blend of essential micronutrients, and induces them to convert the essential micronutrients into milk. 

The company has announced that it's now preparing for the launch of its first commercially scalable human lactoferrin product. The protein will be used not only as an ingredient in baby formulas but also as a functional food ingredient or supplement for adults. 

"We have been able to identify early commercial ingredient targets due to our frequent conversations with prominent performance nutrition and infant formula companies," says TurtleTree Chief Strategist Max Rye. “We've since seen tremendous interest from global partners in our portfolio of human and bovine milk products. It is going to be an exciting year for us."

To learn more about TurtleTree, visit their website: turtletree.com

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Date Published: 15th August 2021

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