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10th March 2022  Content supplied by: Cargill Inc.

Meet SimPure®: Simple ingredients, Pure functionality™

Today's consumers expect their favorite products to feature simple and familiar ingredients. According to Cargill's IngredienTracker™ study, for 70% of EMEA consumers it’s important to recognize the ingredients included in food.

To meet this growing demand for familiar ingredients, while addressing today’s most important texturizing challenges, Cargill has introduced SimPure® starches, a functional, clan label-friendly solution that leverages the unique properties of botanical sources like corn, potato and tapioca.

With SimPure® starches, food manufacturers can develop different textures, including gels, creaminess and luxurious mouthfeel, while adding shelf life. 

"The SimPure® starches range helps address consumers desire for simpler ingredients and familiar labels that still indulge the senses. At the same time, it gives manufacturers greater processing tolerance, shelf life and storage stability. It's a true win-win," says Fiona Barnett, Business Development Manager Food Starch. "Up until today, we’ve offered SimPure® starches for hot conditions. Now, we’re proud to extend the portfolio with three cold water swelling starches that provide instant viscosity. We cook the starch, so you don’t have to!"

The three new products are:

  • SimPure® 99470 for culinary ready meals, pie and savory pastry fillings, and dips
  • SimPure® 99475 for dressings, ready meals, tomato & sweet & sour sauces
  • SimPure® 99445 for savory bakery fillings, and deposited sauce toppings


In dairy and dairy alternatives, SimPure provides:

  • Tender gelling & good cold-storage stability ideal for spoonable desserts
  • Smooth, non-gelling texture bringing body and mouthfeel in dairy desserts, drinks, yogurt
  • Neutral flavor profile and great cold storage stability


In meat and meat alternatives SimPure provides:

  • Firm bite & structure
  • Low gelatinization temperature
  • Yield improvement & purge control

To learn more about SimPure, visit Cargill's website:



Date Published: 10th March 2022

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